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Jay Wilson Refuses To Elaborate on “Very Soon”

Written by: Spirals | Date: 2012-12-06 11:48:41 | Related to: Diablo 3 PvP

Source: Incgamers.com - posted: 03 Dec 2012 04:15 PM PST

Today’s Twitter queries to Jay Wilson about the upcoming PvP info blog yielded nothing new.

Any weekly ETA on the pvp blog? – Xinek
I don’t estimate dates. My guesses get interpreted as promises. It’s not completely up to me when these things happen. – JayWilson

Ok, do you think PvP blog will be ready this week? Or it’s still a lot to work on? Jay, there weren’t any info for months... – Piggilol
answering that would be providing the estimate that I said I could not provide. – JayWilson

It’s been a week since Jay boldly (foolishly?) said the PvP info would be coming “very soon.” Of course we know the dubious nature of the word soon when spoken by any Blizzard representative, so really we have ourselves to blame for any heightened anticipation.

Personally, I’m not expecting PvP until next year. Not when we’re this close to the end of the year without any more concrete details, and especially after their recent mention of v1.07 as a big, content-rich patch due in “weeks.” We might get that rushed out before Blizzard’s annual two week Xmas/New Year’s holiday, but unless they do something very odd with the numbering system, there’s no way their long-promised PvP in v1.1 can come before v1.07. Alas.


Mr.Mag 2012-12-06 12:47
hope pvp blog will be ready asap. we have to prepare for league start so we need to know how pvp will look like

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