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BNPL was introduced in December 1999 as the first community portal in the world of Diablo. It main concerns were the events on the Diablo 1 clans scene, later extended to Diablo 2 as well. BNPL provided also the message board which eventually became the heart of the portal. Bull was the originator of BNPL idea. Apart from providing reports regarding the clan wars – which were very popular at that time – portal started to organize PvP tournaments. Several tournaments took place, organized once a month. In the very beginning duels were played in the 1v1 formula distinguishing three levels categories: 9-29, 30-59, 60-99. However after some time also TvT were organized which led to establishing the very first dueling rules to make the matches playable and balanced. As someone may suppose, the rules set was not that extensive as it is right now. That were the very origins of PvP.

Portal cease to function somewhere in 2004, when the idea of the clans has changed significantly. Tournaments were the only thing that mattered (mostly due to Diablo 2 Clan League) and many clans ceased to update their websites. This is an ongoing tendency up to date.

We hope, that it is possible to revive the old tradition with our Diablo 3 Clan League project. After the BNPL portal ceased to function, message board was the only thing left and it eventually became Angrenost Realm message board. BNPL board is still up and running, however it will closed once Diablo 3 will finally released. It will be available for browsing though. BNPL tradition will be continued in the D3CL project.

BNPL editors: Bull, Mr.Mag, …, …, …, …

BNPL website: http://bnpl.angrenost.org

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