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Somewhere in 2008 D2Gamers.net was plugged. Spirals decided to focus on the classic duelling completely. In July 2008 D2Classic.net was born. The biggest issue was to make a set of balanced rules for Classic. This process had already started in D2Gamers but was expanded now and soon these rules were born. Tournaments were held and the community was growing. There was an active core of about 20-30 people so a league was started. Spirals did this manually on sheets of paper and html code. A necromancer won the first league! Many, many, tours were played.

Unfortunately one of the staff members whom founder of D2Classic trusted decided to remove all the content of the forum. This, coupled with the game getting fast boring for the classic people marked the end of D2Classic.net. The site was plugged in July 2011.

Spirals 2012-04-22 12:33