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IRC Channel

Due to the fact that the current chat system on Battle.net’s 2.0 platform seems inconvenient to some, we have decided to travel back in time and make use of one of the greatest communication milestones which is IRC, or Internal Relay Chat. The idea may seem a bit odd, given that IRC is probably older than all existing internet communicators, especially when one considers its roots reaching as far back as 1988. Software of this type is fairly light on the system and easy to use, and still can cater for hundreds of players on a single channel at any given time.

There are plenty of IRC servers, but we plan to launch our own - just for D3CL causes. Thanks to that, we will gain better control and be able to bring in potential modifications for league purposes. We hope that an adopted solution will replace our shoutbox on forums; a request which some of you have been asking for. On our main site, we plan to place a script allowing discussion straight from the website. We hope that our vision of an alternative to BN 2.0 will be met with warm approval from the community.

You can find our IRC server on irc.d3cl.com (port 6667). The main/general channel is #d3cl.

In order to join the channel you have to use command: /join #d3cl

In order to register your current nickname you have to use command: /msg NickServ REGISTER password your@email.com. In this way nobody will be able to take your nick and you will gain access to many additional commands, such as registering your clan's channel

More info still to come