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D2Gamers.net was an idea from Spirals. He was the main administrator of Euro-PvP.org at that time, but started playing classic and noticed there was no rule based pvp in classic. Europvp.org was a league, but without a working league script and wasn’t able to get a script working. He decided to shut it down and start a combination pvp site. D2Gamers.net was born. It had a shared forum for the EP players and the new to form D2Classic players. It was a nice time from 2006 to 2008 (if I recall correctly). D2Gamers.net hosted tournaments only because they could be arranged from the boards out.

One of the tournaments is very notable. It was a European Championship with a lot of countries represented. Germany won with the Netherlands as runner-up.

The active group of player in EP started to dwindle and the competition stale. Spirals decided to shut down D2Gamers.

Spirals 2012-04-23 22:29