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About us

D3CL is a new Diablo 3 community established by the amalgamation of Euro-PvP.org, Angrenost Realm, BNPL and Polish Clan League. Our goal is to create a community base that is open to international players. Based on our successes of running Player versus Player leagues in different formats, we plan to transpose our experience into the Diablo 3 universe and host our own PvP League, as soon as such gameplay mechanics will be made available by Blizzard. Hopefully that will be soon™. ;).

Our roots as a community reach as far back as 1999, which makes us the oldest active Diablo related organization on Battle.net. Our experience has been built on activities such as Diablo 2 Clan League, D2Gamers and Pol-pvp Center. Our vision is to both merge the old school Diablo community as well as welcome new players to share their experiences on all Diablo 3 related aspects, whether it be gameplay guides, class specific strategies, or general tips - but most importantly, we want it to be a place to hang out with like minded gamers. We wish to bring you fresh news not only about the game itself, but also from our Diablo 3 guilds and clans, as well as the PvP scene in general.

Our D3CL staff are here to listen to your needs as a community. Sign up – we hope to see you in combat soon ;)

Join our community in game! Just search in "communities and clans" tab name "D3CL" in "English (British)" language.