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Share your character builds

Written by: Mag | Date: 2012-07-04 08:06:22 | Related to: Diablo 3

Share your character builds - necessarily in the form of a link to the calculator http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/. Write a short description of owned items, what is the core of your game, whether you max critics, where are you mainly playing for items on and what is your general tactic. The whole not need to be very long. Your builds will be published on the D3CL portal.

HC builds are also welcome.


RoGH 2012-07-04 16:57
My main build: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/barbarian#WVRXkP!bec!ZcbacZ

altough im using many other skills/runes, for example Sidearm rune on Frenzy or Overpower skill. Passives are also variable.
It's skill setup for tank barb, frenzy with triumph and revenge gives great survivability, so does ignore pain. Leap is great both for offense and defense - jump into a huge pack of enemies or jump out of it, when it gets really though even for well-equipped tank barb.
Berserker rage is really amazing passive, because on that skill/item setup i have full fury almost all the time, so it's permanent 25% more damage.

Item setup:

High vita/all res/str is a must almost on every item. Life on hit is a must on weapon and very important on other items, like amu or ring. I have ~800 from my 1h axe and ~600 from other items ( blackthorne amu & pants ).
My baba is also based on very high block % chance, which is 47% i think - stormshield ( 28% ), Helm of Command and Lantern of Justice ring.

Right now im using in most cases:
Helm : Helm of Command ( with str/vita/all res)
Amu: Amu of Blackthorn
Shoulders : rare vita/str/all res
Gloves: rare vita/all res/str, crits as nice add
Belt: rare vita/all res/str ( good string of ears is also nice option, but great rare belt should beat it )
Pants: Blackthorn
Boots: rare vita/all res/str
Shield: stormshield ( high block is a must, i also have high str/vita/all res)
Weapon: 1 h weapon, as fast as possible, with high life on hit, 800+ should be fine, as far as i remember i have 8xx dps, 100+ str, 100+vita, 100+int and 8xx loh
Rings: Lantern of Justice & rare ring ( vita/all res/str/asi/loh/crit hits - there are many options, get as many as possible :) )

Right now i have ~70k hp, 47% block chance, ~8-9k def, 13.5k dps without buffs like berskerer rage ( which is almost permanent in my situation ), 1.1k all res, almost 1.4k loh and in most cases it's really a no-brainer tank, even when im challenging diablo clone, sometimes i need to think more and move more when im fighting against some packs in acts 3-4 and sometimes i might even die ( ! ), but that's not happening very often :) Of course im killing slower then most of my friends, but im working on my dps + i spent most of my time playing in co-op, but im still doing fine&fast solo ( i dont need to hide, run back or evade in most cases, so i do permanent dmg, buffed by berserker with insanity rune on champion packs ).

Mr.Mag 2012-07-04 17:00
good job Rof :)

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