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The D3CL PvP League second season results

Written by: Mag | Date: 2013-08-31 12:10:33 | Related to: D3CL Diablo 3 PvP

Diablo 3 Clan League LogoA long time ago a long time ago, over hill, over dale the second season of D3CL league was ended. Attendance was much weaker than in the first season. Only 68 players participated in the league on the European server, and 24 players on the U.S. server. Here are the winners:

EU League
1. VimeR#2697 1608 pts.
2. N0F3aR#2714 1593 pts.
3. russs#2566 (ToG) 1584 pts.
4. Insane#2553 1566 pts.
5. Arcanis#2269 1530 pts.
6. Mnich#2633 (ToG) 1472 pts.
7. blade#2351 (ToG) 1424 pts.
8. venxosiz#2628 1420 pts.
9. DarkRaven#2885 1419 pts.
10. antenka#2573 1400 pts.

You can find European competition details here.

US League
1. mafia#1745 1458 pts.
2. miejueshitai#1838 (1838) 1410 pts.
3. Lucianisimo#1547 (HnM) 1405 pts.
4. dennis#1174 1404 pts.
5. spermriot#6295 1386 pts.
6. SkyIsLimit#1625 1324 pts.
7. linkolas#1725 1293 pts.
8. beastfrmwest#1190 (LoW) 1273 pts.
9. shisky#1613 1253 pts.
10. Lazar#1776 1252 pts.

You can find American competition details here.

The next season will start in mid September. We'll think about its formula, the new rules (as long as needed) and the new team. Expect more information soon. Of course we're still waiting for the TvT mode, which should make PvP in Diablo 3 more attractive.

Congratulations for the winners and thank you all for your participation. The matter of prizes is still unclear.


N0F3aR 2013-09-02 18:18
Thx for hosting the competition, Mr Mag. I believe with some work that place can be good as before. Prize pool is somehow nesecary along with good skill balance. I can advise you to fight about the 2nd season prizes, all players will be glad to see that and will be loyal. Always can trust on us the players about any questions. Gl
Mr.Mag 2013-09-02 18:20
looks like we'll have sponsor for the 3rd season so i'll try to move some part of the pool for prizes for past season.

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