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Loothunter - the best place to trade your items!

Written by: Sin | Date: 2013-05-25 00:13:05 | Related to: D3CL General

We are happy to present our new cooperation with http://www.loothunter.net - a brand new Diablo III items trading platform that features very user-friendly interface and already has lots of top items in their database.

In addition to that, loothunter is completely free to use and it compensates all the shortcomings that trading forums have.
loothunter will be sponsoring various events including our new leagues and tournaments.
You will notice their presence at D3CL events for sure.
How do you think the awards should be divided in every League?


Forti 2013-05-25 07:54
Ok,  so now I hope more players will come to us. Viper and insane will take all awards by the way :)

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Damx 2013-05-25 09:46
what ?
VimeR 2013-05-25 14:18
good idea with tournaments and awards, maybe more good players wanna join
DarkRaven 2013-05-25 21:52
well, first of all the league system might need some fixing maybe.

a couple of ideas:

at the beginning of the league players should have a hidden rating based on previous results and gear and only games with players with similar rankings should be allowed.

no offense to anyone, but the beginning of the league seemed like a race to kill worse players before their score dropped and u don't get points from them.

after that, at least top players should be forced to play against each other every 3 days to determine a clear ranking, not based only on how many games u can find. because there can be situations where a top ranked player didn't even play against the other good players, or played only once while others played a lot more.

anyway, a playoff also should determine the no1 who may not be the one with most points, either elimination rounds or group based with top 8 followed by semifinals and finals.

my 2c :)

almost forgot, we need some stalemate rules too :)
KNHO 2013-05-25 23:32
100% agree with Darky
N0F3aR 2013-05-25 23:50
Sounds good
But we need to rework some rulz like Barb vs DH. Since the buff of rapid fire, similar geared barb and dh with similar skill the favor is for dh. So barb need full defense ( sometimes war cry + shout, rapid fire makes a lot dmg now).
Also still think WotB no rune Insanity would be good against wizards.
And agaisnt the big problem - WD. Banning firebats doesnt resolve the problem. ( dont look at Vimer, pls)
KNHO 2013-05-26 04:00

Do it like Exe or Darky, i don´t remember now who of them said.
[i][b]Buff Impale Dh´s vs Barb / Nerf Rapidfire DH´s vs Barb[/b][/i]
DarkRaven 2013-05-26 07:49
yeah, maybe if dh uses rf allow barbs to use all skills and if dh doesn't use it, ban all runes on wc and also relentless maybe.

dunno what to say about barb vs wd, I wish vimer could tell us exactly how he did it. The game pretty much relies on what both players do during wotb. I tried what Euro suggested against wds with similar ehp, the best chance to kill them during wotb still seemed to be charge, but only if I could kill them in 2 crits or 2 crits and one non crit, which means dropping some ehp.

that's why probably vimer is the only one with good enough balanced gear to defeat insane.

on the other hand insane retired and he sells his gear. it all depends on what kind of players are in the league and if we want to balance around them or for the top players that exist in d3.
Forti 2013-05-26 08:11
Vimer have high ehp (9k unbuffered?) and 78k (?) dps. Is there any one how got similar? I dumb it. I know some barb with 8-9l ehp and 50k dps what is too less to kill Wds. We just need more testing and training on this game

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DarkRaven 2013-05-26 08:58
yeah, diabloprogress ehp and pvp dummy score mean nothing because they dont take into account reduce vs elites and dmg vs elites, which is pretty dumb.

vimer's shown ehp of 6.7 mil is actually more than those with 8.5-9 mil on the same site because of his reduce vs elites.

he is no14 pvp dummy, and he has bt set, which actually shows that is he best geared in EU atm. I think he is the only top player of his class currently in d3cl, maybe also SIN? as euro said, even insane is lower geared than blud or euro himself.

it's hard to balance around the players in the league because one class my have it's best and others not, but what if we nerf barbs further vs dh and then a top dh enters and rapes all barbs because they were over-nerfed? you all know barbs qq tears are the biggest in game  :)
Mr.Mag 2013-05-26 11:18
hidden rank is not so easy to do. how should it work? top players from previous season can't challenge weaker players at the beginning? i could do such thing but it would work only in first 5 duels. after 5 duels temporary points become real points and it will be too difficult to do changes without serious bugs ;)
Forti 2013-05-26 12:24
Let's take a look at top players. Mnich never played against Vimer or Wds. Hecis not only one :)

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DarkRaven 2013-05-26 12:57
it shouldn't be necessarily hidden ranking, it could be 4 tiers (divisions) of players, the tiers could be hidden or not.

each player could challenge withing the same tier of players for the first week or so, after that tier 1 can be mixed with tier 2 and challenges based on the -/+ points threshold, so that the best players in tier 2 will be able to test their skills against tier 1 and the ranking should be normalized. The same with tier 3 and 4.

after 2 weeks the 2 remaining tiers will become one league and the lower players with big score will be able to prove if they actually deserve it.

maybe this way each player will have nice balanced duels and if he just stomps on the players from same tier he gets the chance to play against better opponents, but in a progressive way.

i know it's probably kinda complicated and more problems could arise, maybe others have better ideas of separating players, at least in the beginning of the league.
Euronymous 2013-05-26 20:32
Isn't that pretty much how it works now? The 180-point difference already separates players. Tier-1 are active players with 80%+ winning ratio, tier-2 are active players with winning ratios or new players with very good winning ratios, tier-3 are new players or ~50% w/l ratios and tier-4 are players with losing ratios. As a tier-4 player you have to beat some other tier-4 players until you get the chance to further improve by dueling tier-3 players and so forth.

The community is just too small now for it to work itself out properly, if you look at the table of the first season you can clearly see how different tiers emerged.

That being said, I think the whole idea of a league isn't working for D3. It's too much of a drag and too little incentive to play in it.
In my opinion d3cl should provide a database to find other players that signed up for d3cl. Wouldn't it be nice to have a search engine for duelers, e.g search for "legacy nats DH" and sort after pvp-dummy score? The current challenging and messaging system could be used to have friendlies with the players you found in the db.
For competitive pvp regular tournaments should take place. Tournament score should also be in the db and could be used to create a ladder.
Mr.Mag 2013-05-27 08:41

i thought about it a couple of month ago but i wasn't sure if it it's necessary. you can always post a pm on forum, create a topic and if anyone would be interested - he will simply answer. of course we could try to create a paralel messaging system and signups for just traing duels.

remember to not complicate the whole ladder system. hidden parameters are ok perhaps but it must be possible to do :) more more complicated, more bugs. the problem is only on start. later everything backs to normal. so if we should focus on something - its a start i think (first 5 duels).

prices should attract more players. i'll post some news on eu/us forums today about the league.
DarkRaven 2013-05-27 10:31
yeah, the real problem is the start of the league, where some kind of separation is needed.

also there should be an auto match-making system, for top players at least, forcing them to play each other every 3 days or so.

prizes as incentive are always welcome but the prizes should be spread in a way that everybody has a chance at something.

maybe top 4 but also top players from each class... if we have 4+ wds of insane level or more then others classes may not think they have chances at the top.

also maybe small prizes throughout the league.
like lower ranked players have a chance every few days to challenge a player in top 8 and if they win they get a small prize.

or random generated challenges non-ranked where the higher ranked player has a handicap based on how many more points he has, like playing without a gear slot...

dunno, there could be lots of stuff to make things more fun for all players.

any player that enters should have the feeling he has a chance to win something while also having fun, even if he loses 90% of games.
DarkRaven 2013-05-27 10:36
and about the prizes, I'm sure that are lots of players that would be willing to donate 5-10 mils, at least, for a bigger and well spread prize pool.

if a newer player knows that, for example, if he wins 5 challenges he gets 5 mil or something, it could be enough incentive to make him active and play until he manages to get that number.
Euronymous 2013-05-27 13:57

Of course you can post on here, but few people will read it or respond to it. I think the success of sites like diabloprogress shows that such dbs are very appealing to players.
A lot of duelers use diabloprogress to find opponents or to check what other people use. It is far from optimal though since you can only check for pvp-dummy score which doesn't tell you if these players are even dueling. It is completely useless to find opponents that don't have high-end gear because players below top-20 dummy are most likely pve players.
Diabloprogress is mainstream and for a lot of players it's the endgame of D3. I think we all agree that pvp should be recognized as the endgame of D3 and a "pvpprogress" version of diabloprogress would certainly help to get there.

Right now, you won't be recognized as a pvp player unless you sign up for a league. I'm sure that a lot more than the current ~50 players actively playing in d3cl leagues still actively play d3. 50 players, that is like 10% or less of the players registered on here. And then there is a large number of pvp players that didn't even register because they didn't like the rules, the league system or whatever.
That is just the "inner circle" of players that are already into dueling. There are thousands of players that would certainly love to duel if there was some kind of match-making or more incentives.

I think it's pointless and a waste of time to create some match-making/hidden mechanics for the current league system due to the lack of a players.
This site needs a solid foundation first which would be the suggested database. I don't know how much work it would be for you guys to build something like that, but seeing that you already thought about it, it looks like it's not impossible to do ;)
Once you have that it's a lot easier to set up leagues and tournaments of different tiers and rules.

Incentives like gold per win sounds more like farming than pvp to me, I don't think that's how you want to attract players. Where would that constant stream of gold come from anyway?
I think just the database alone would give many incentives. PvP-Dummy score is already an incentive for some players, you could easily add scores to that (d3cl score, mirror duel score, vs class score). The players with the highest score in a category could receive a title (e.g. barb slayer for the highest vs. barb score). Trophies for league and tournament wins could be shown.
The database could improve match-making a lot too. A "find opponent" button that shows you opponents that are likely to be a good match could be done. It could be based on pvp-dummy within a certain range and/or some of the other scores (like the score vs. your class).
Of course there a plenty of options to offer gold and items as incentives then. League and tournament prices, raffles, wager matches and so on.
Mr.Mag 2013-05-27 14:09
ok so it'll be our next target. i think about how should it work and later i'll post it here
DarkRaven 2013-05-27 15:07
a database with players divided by gear level is nice ( and I will surely use it ) but unfortunately PvP dummy score means almost nothing, at least for barbs.

1. it doesn't take into account the reduction vs elites
2. doesn't take into account damage vs elites
3. atk speed based damage is useless for barbs.
4. block value is highly overrated because of low incoming hit value taken into account.
5. life per second is not taken into account

Too many players in the top just try to optimize score without caring about real PvP, for ex, if I switch 4 items I jump from 2mil to 3mil score (~top 8 ) but my real dps drops, my real ehp drops, my survivability drops.

the real values which matter, imo, are ehp vs elites with and without dodge, and the value of the crit hit.

Dunno about other classes but I presume it's similar, not to mention resource management like disc, mana regen, apoc, spirit regen which play a huge role in pvp

And ofc there is the skill factor, that's why some kind of scoring system would be nice, so that everybody gets to see the results of top players competing against each other and identifying possible imbalances and new rules... which basically leads back to a league system.
Euronymous 2013-05-27 16:55
Exactly, that's why there is a place for a "pvpprogress" that offers more than just the obviously flawed pvp-dummy score which isn't even telling me if the player is into pvp or not.
If the means to calculate a better pvp-dummy exist, then we should go for it and take the least flawed score to evaluate gear.

It's not there to replace the league system, it's there to give players a platform to meet, duel and compare each others pvp progress. D3cl leagues and tournaments are part of that pvp progress and can be displayed with your current rank and your titles, trophies and such. Mag is already pulling lots of data that could be used for many different scores, ladders and personal stats.

At least that's my idea of it, lets see what Mag comes up with ;)
N0F3aR 2013-06-21 00:25
So, what is going on with "loothunter" ? Still no news about that ? Season prizes, tournament hostad with prize ?
Mr.Mag 2013-06-21 09:34
Have no contact with Sin ;/ but i'll try to contact him again
Forti 2013-06-21 11:04
Imo without TvT this league will be beetwen small group of friends. Even arawds didnt help much. Meyby after some first awards away.. meyby.

I hope we got tvt in next 6 months -,-
N0F3aR 2013-06-21 17:02
If there is good award system + some proper rulz, more ppl will play. I am making test balance since a lot of time with diff players so maybe i can give some proposal if needed.
Monk 2013-06-22 18:21
LIFE IS BRUTAL Probably somebody cheated administration with these awards. xd 

But better so that I am wrong.
N0F3aR 2013-06-26 01:45
So, what is going on?
Forti 2013-07-04 07:31
League is dead?

By tapatalk

Monk 2013-07-12 19:57
the league season ended and where awards?  ;D ;D ;D
N0F3aR 2013-07-12 21:52
Nice question.
Forti 2013-07-12 22:22
Better dont ask for that. Its blizz-lika politicy.
Mr.Mag 2013-07-13 10:07
Mnich you're asking me about it everyday and everywhere :)
Monk 2013-07-13 10:50
I am asking because it is interesting  ;d;d;d
Mr.Mag 2013-07-15 09:33
i know :) if sin wont respond, there will be no awards ;/ keep your fingers crossed ;p
N0F3aR 2013-07-15 12:38
That is strange, sin is serios dude, i doubt he could lies us.
Forti 2013-07-15 13:30
People lose they care about this game. It is not because no pvp or anythink like that. In my opinion is because devs and blizzard just simply dont care about pvp here. They beliv diablo 2 was great game only because baalruns and cow runs -,- and they think itemization and a few new feature will change this game and bring it back to top10 gams. They are blind and simply stupid. nothink else imo.

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