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League start on US servers and plans for the future

Written by: Rogh | Date: 2013-03-02 09:08:23 | Related to: D3CL General

Diablo 3 Clan League Logo It’s been two weeks since we have started with D3CL 1v1 Ladder Season. Currently there are more than 260 players registered. During that time brawlers have challenged themselves more than 4 thousand times and more than 2600 have already been played. Unfortunately, 5:0 is still the most popular score. We have decided to shorten the season for about 2 weeks. Soon we will announce more accurate date. A group of experienced rules developers is already working on duel rules, which will be implemented for season #2. We will present “draft” version at the beginning of the next week and let you give us your feedback. The task is not easy, because we want the rules to be effective, but also easy to enforce. We also want to avoid too long or too complicated regulations. We are testing the rules using top-geared characters, so we don’t expect that people with low equipment will suddenly be able to duel amongst the best. We encourage you to build up your characters, especially, that every matchup needs at least a bit different equipment, which isn’t always very expensive.

Few days ago we have launched league on the US server, but at the moment they don’t have that much attention, we hope that It will change soon.

For the past few days we have introduced some important changed into the ladder system. We have allowed players to unsubscribe from the league, with their scores and points preserved. We have also increased maximal level of points while challenged by the player, who have it less than 1020. Now it’s 180 or more. Thanks to that there shouldn’t be so big stagnation in the lower parts of the ladder. On the challenge list on the right column you can now see if there are any new messages. Some of you might not notice this, but keep in mind that those messages are a very serious argument when we are giving walkovers. No answer means no will to play the duel. In the forthcoming days “vacation” mod will be available, which will suspend players participation in the league for a short time and we will allow to decrease maximal amount of challenges, for some of you 10 is too much.

We ask for patience to all of you, who are waiting for their duels to be decided by the judges. We aren’t many, but we will probably recruit some additional crew.

Beside 1v1 sc league, we have in plans some other tournaments:
- 1v1 HC
- 2v2 (friendly fire ;p)
- 1v1 low lvl duels (lvl 13 probably)
- 1v1 magic items only

Recently d2trade.pl hosted 1v1 tournament. 56 players took part, podium below:
1. Azur#2451 (witch doctor)
2. Napad#2770 (witch doctor)
3. Barb#2198 (barbarian)

Organizers ensure that the tournament will be cyclical.

As an ending, nice gesture from Athene, famous players, who’s stream is one of the most popular around e-gaming community. Thx!:) Enjoy:


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