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1v1 PTR League start

Written by: Hamer | Date: 2013-01-31 00:43:26 | Related to: D3CL General

Diablo 3 Clan League Logo D3CL crew is proud to announce that our test league is starting on the test PTR server. We are aware that some users are experiencing problems when connecting to PTR, but we want to be ready when 1.0.7 is on official servers. One of the reasons we are running the league is to determine what rules should we use in the duels organized by D3CL, other reasons are linked to technical side – we want to be sure that our systems are working properly and decide if league systems requires any improvements.

In the upper bar in League section you can find the league. There you can test the functionality of the system by challenging other users and adding the results.

Signups for the PTR League will be also available in the mentioned LEAGUE section. Stay sharp as we are running it soon!

Any remarks regarding the system and league screen should be addressed at our forum. Please try to add anything you regard as important, our forums require some fresh blood.


Mr.Mag 2013-01-31 10:30
the league will start today at 21:00 CET

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