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Those of you who have played Diablo II undoubtedly know and love the game's PvP mode's potential. Back in the days we knew it too but we also learnt its flaws. The main problem was that there were many discrepancies in functioning between different items players could obtain in the game. An item with a certain attribute or granting the ability to cast other classes' skills if used, could give an enormous advantage in a duel, making a player even impossible to defeat.

An international community with custom PvP and TvT leagues/tours based on well-thought-out and deeply calculated rules was highly needed. Thus, some players had to take matters into one's own hands. Among them were Rostedt and Kaamos. People who designed and created the great Euro-PvP.net community. The place where you could meet new players, discuss various issues, trade and finally play against people from different places on earth using fully automated website. Apart from that, the key to success was having and using a uniq set of PvP/TvT rules which were laboriously prepared by the EP crew to allow players test their skills and to avoid situations described in the first few lines. Also, it wouldn't have been possible without great contribution of many other players who helped create and run that place (I was the trade section moderator at that time). Over the years the EP community hosted a vast number of leagues and tours, both PvP and TvT.

Sadly, all good things have to come to an end at some point and unfortunately that wasn't an exception back then. After many years of administrating and improving the EP project, Rostedt and Kaamos decided to draw the curtain on it. From their perspective, Diablo II stopped being fresh and they wanted to start playing WoW which was released at that time. It was totally different in our case and many of us wanted to simply carry on. To achieve that we needed a new, nicely coded website/forum to meet standards of the previous one, a server and some people willing to help. I remember I badly wanted to continue playing and keep the EP community alive so I decided to make it come true.

Together with other player - Rising-Sun, we created the new EP website/forum and made it possible for the community to still exist. The domain changed from Euro-PvP.net to Euro-PvP.org but everything else remained in its old, good shape. Then I asked my dear friend Jorrit (Spirals) who was also a great, dedicated Diablo player and EP.net member to help us with the new EP.org project and become the third administrator. He agreed to that and did a great job helping the new EP community to be at least as good as the old one.

After some time I got to the point where I felt pretty much like Rostedt and Kaamos had felt before - roughly 10 years had passed and I got bored of the game and wanted to try something new. Therefore, I quit Diablo and left the EP community. Jorrit (Spirals), with the help of other EP administrators and moderators, managed to keep the community alive for some time but eventually it died a natural death.
Today, after all these years, Euro-PvP is back in a new form - D3CL.com - the first and the only reasonable Diablo 3 community for PvP/TvT oriented players, but already filled with all those great Diablo players from old school PvP/TvT international communities like AoW, DL, PCL, D2CL, AR.

Pat 2012-04-23 00:07