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Budda's Monk

The Monk will be totally new experience for every fan of the series, although it comes to mind that in some of the setups he will play a role of Paladin, known from Diable 2. So lets have a closer look at him.

The Monk is typical melee warrior, who fights in close combats, using two-handed weapon called Daibo or fist weapons (like Claws for Assasin). Our skills will be empowered by Spirit, and from what we know so far we can surely say that the range of skills useful in PvP will be enormous.

Holy warrior? Rather Destroyer of Unbelievers. Monk can be used in many ways. For example: Way of the Hundred Fists combined with Hands of Lighting rune let you hit the enemy 10 times per second! With Lashing Tail Kick causing a knockback, our monk will awake fear in every caster. On the other hand, such skills as Fists of Thunder and Crippling Wave slow down enemies, which gives us enough time to finish the battle with Vulture Claw Kick.

As I mentioned at the beginning the Monk is a spiritual heir of Paladin. His Mantras will help the team in many areas. Increasing the damages done to eniemies or faster regeneration are only few of the many buffs given to us by ladies and gents from Blizzard. Also defensive spells are what makes The Monk great companion. Breath of Heaven will heal our hero and his team and Inner Sanctuary will stop every Barbarian wishing to hurt them. Do not let us forget about the bell (Wave of Light) which work in similar way to meteor of well known Sorceress and also about Mystic Ally who will help us many times do dirty jobs.

Exploring new hero will surely appear to be worth it, because I dare to say that The Monk will divide and conquer in every TvT battle. Unfortunately possiblity of checking my assumptions will be possible only in a few weeks (monhts?). Let us hope that Blizzard will keep its word and PvP mode will be perfect till the last straw of grass in the Arena.

Budda- 2012-04-22 18:28