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Diablo 3 Patch 1.0.6 wydany

Napisane przez: Mag | Data: 2012-11-28 10:52:27 | Dotyczy: Diablo 3 - przegląd prasy

Blizzard wypuścił kolejną łatkę do gry oznaczoną numerem 1.0.6. W przeciwieństwie do poprzednich poprawek, ilość zmian widocznych dla graczy jest bardzo skromna:

Naprawiono błąd pozwalający graczom na obejście 1-sekundowego odliczania podczas wymiany towarów przy użyciu okna handlu

Naprawiono błąd powodujący, wypadanie dwóch takich samych przedmiotów dla graczy używających umiejętności Zastraszający ryk z runą Ponure żniwa.

Kolejny patch ma wnosić o wiele więcej do rozgrywki. Według zapowiedzi Blizzarda, ma zostać wydany w ciągu najbliższych tygodni. Pozostaje tylko czekać. Niestety może oznaczać to, że trybu walk nie doczekamy się w tym roku.


KoM 2012-11-27 19:42
Chyba przyszłego roku :)
ajs 2012-11-28 01:13
'Patch 1.0.7 is planned to be a larger patch than 1.0.6, and will contain much more than just bug fixes. Many of the changes we've discussed in these forums recently are currently scheduled for 1.0.7, and we are looking forward to sharing more details with you concerning it in the coming weeks.'

plebs 2012-11-28 09:29
Znalezione na forum US ale to chyba fake:

You can now customize your character's appearance

The character screen is now a separate window accessed by pressing 'c' while 'i' remains

the hotkey for inventory

In the new character window all of the current skills effects is shown (including all of the modifiers)

When inspecting a player his or her items are compared to your own

Linked items are now compared to your own items

In the chat window whispers are now saved in another tab

Players of level 13 or higher can now initiate and accept offers to duel - while dueling you cannot be killed, the fatal blow will return you to 35% health similar to the monk's 'Near Death Experience' passive

New optional quests have been added with returning characters from earlier games

New randomly spawning areas from earlier games have been added in act 1

Your character name is shown in game instead of your Battle Tag

New emotes and Battle.net commands have been added - /played, /cheer

A Damage per Second stat has been added -  it shows your total damage and total time since it was last reset, it can be reset at any time

You can now track an achievement - the progress of a selected achievement is shown under the current quest objectives

Viewable Cinematics can now be accessed without logging out

Character names are now shown over their respective banners

The amount of health is now shown with the health bar at the top middle of the screen if the option is enabled

The Stats Changed if Equipped now includes all changes including magic find, gold find etc

The cursor while playing Diablo 3 is now a gauntlet

Unidentified items can now be identified at the stash or at a vendor by pressing Ctrl+Right Click

There is now an option to show your Health/Mana/Discipline numbers without having to mouse over the respective orb

You can now enable sound and music during a video with Ctrl+S and Ctrl+M

When your gear is damaged it will specify in the picture which gear is damage

Pressing 'space' while listening to a dialogue and in the stash or a vendor it will now close the stash/vendor window first before skipping the dialogue

A Demon Hunter's banner is now shown on her or his cape

The healers now sell potions

All Monster racial abilities are listed

The current difficulty is shown in game

When the Demon Hunter uses SharpShooter the Chance to Critical Hit is shown with a white base (from items etc) plus the effect in blue

You can now access the auction house in game

Gold from an auction house sale will automatically go into your stash, but will still be listed in the Completed tab with the item's full stats

DH pets will now have a passive mode so they don't aggro everything in sight. They will now only initiate attack after the DH does.More than just 5 buffs will now be displayed

Paragon Levels also grant gold pickup radius and movement speed

A Combat log chat has been added to show a list of damages dealt

The quest path has been updated to check if your Town Portal is closer than the way point

You can now compare an item in your inventory to what your hireling has equipped by pressing alt during mouse over

Fortune Shrines will now benefit players over the 300% Magic and Gold Find cap

Your Achievements can now be viewed from your profile

Pressing 'Y' will now close the Achievement window in addition to open it

Clicking achievements in chat will now open the achievement window and compare with your current progress
FeN 2012-11-28 14:54
to jest patch ?????
co najwyzej hot-fix :P
Mr.Mag 2012-11-28 14:59
blizz pisze, ze sa jakies zmiany komunikacyjne w tle, ktorych user nie widzi.
KoM 2012-11-28 15:40
Oni w ogóle coś zmienili w tym patchu ?
FeN 2012-11-28 16:07
numerek oraz "zmiany komunikacyjne w tle". stay cool !
zales22 2012-11-28 20:45
Ch*%j tam zawsze blizej 1.1 :>

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